Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big companies

Some companies just don't care! My dad gave my grandpa a build-it-yourself craft model river mill for his birthday, and you know how they have the picture and a little background on the box? Well, in the background there was a dinosaur! I thought "Man, those dinosaurs were smart for having golf ball sized brains!"  
But you know, there are other business people that don't care either, orthodontists!  Because if there is one thing that they don't get taught in college and high school, it's the nerves system. "Oh, I didn't know it hurts if I pinch your lip against your bracket." or " Oops, your cheek got stuck in between your brackets." 
Some toy companies are another good example. My little brother one time just finished a dentist appointment, and kids dentists always give you little toys, but the toy he picked out broke instantly after we left the dentist's office and he wouldn't stop crying until we went back to get a new one. I guess that it was kind of my little brother's fault but still! Making crappy stuff and selling it is just dishonest! So if you want more customers if you had a business, be nice to your customers and don't sell junk!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

High school

For a couple of weeks now, I've been having to transition to a big public school out of my small, charter middle school, REALMS. So far, it's been half good, because my literature teacher, Mr. Amman, is really cool, but I don't think that my science teacher really likes me much. Another thing is that I'm getting drowned in homework! But I'm happy that I am finally able to be in the same school as my teachers quorum buddies Devan, Ian and Austin. But I can't wait for spring because spring is ultimate frisbee season and also, winter is D+D season. But football season has been fun because I have been going to all the games with my friends and our school owns at football!